Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I need a break!

Dad's chemo was short today. We were finished by 9:30. Mom went with us today so she could see where he gets his chemo and I took her to get new glasses while he got his drip. Tomorrow my brother will take him for another short day of chemo. So far, he has had no ill effects. I suspect that will change though. I went back this afternoon to see for myself if he was OK.

The staph infection has reared its ugly head again. I am feeling a bit of discomfort sitting, but I cannot yet see an abscess. I suspect one is forming deep down below the surface in the same general area. I called the doc and got more antibiotics. His office called and wants me in the office first thing Thursday morning. They are closed on Wednesday. I just finished my last antibiotic a couple of days ago. Will I have to be on them forever??????

I ordered a shingles vaccine because I have a fear of shingles and I know stress can cause an outbreak. The shot costs $219 and is not covered by insurance. I will suck it up and pay for it. That's how scared I am of shingles. Doc gave me a prescription for it and it takes 7 days to get it in to the drugstore. With my luck lately, I'll get shingles before it comes in!!!