Saturday, March 07, 2009

My luck ran out!

DentistOn Thursday, while eating an animal cracker, I broke a tooth. A big chunk of tooth and filling fell out and, as in most places in the USA, my dentist doesn't work on Friday. I guess I still have a little luck because it is a back tooth and it doesn't hurt. Couldn't get an appointment until Wednesday! It certainly is my luck that I got a refund deposited in my checking account from the IRS the same day. It never fails that when I get a little chunk of change, something happens requiring large sums of money. I'm sure this tooth thing will require a crown....not cheap!  

The same day I finally gave in and bought a new gallon of $35 touch up paint because I could not find what was left here after they painted the interior. I knew I had used it before, but I could not find it. Yes, of course, I found it yesterday in the attic. Yes, the paint is non-refundable.
Today, I got my farming clothes on and went to Dad's to work in the garden. Of course, I could not start the tiller. Brother came and started it with one pull!!! GRRR! I got everything tilled and looking good and planted 3 rows of corn. My poor daddy just can't do anything. He could not even push the little planting gizmo down the prepared row because he couldn't see the row. His eyesight just continues to deteriorate and there is not a thing that can be done for his particular type of macular degeneration. It's so sad to see him that way.