Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I guess I have lost my mind since I retired. I thought I lost it before then, but maybe not. Several of my friends and I conned the Northwest Technical College here in our town to teach a class in Excel for us. Last night was our first night. It's like being back in college.....but without tests and grades! Several times I tried to use Excel for some project and ended up frustrated and using something else.

Tonight we went to the Chamber of Commerce banquet and did our civic duty. Tomorrow my mom has to be at the hospital at 9 for some tests. My brother will bring her to the hospital in my town and I will take her home. After that, I am free for the week....nothing else on my calendar!

Just an FYI! Did you know that if you hold down the control key and use the roller on your mouse that it makes the print on whatever you are reading larger or smaller...depending on which way you roll it!!??? Way cool!

This nails it!!!!