Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gus is coming!

We have been warned to batten down the hatches even this far north. Predictions are 10 to 20 inches of rain and tropical storm winds. We'll probably lose power. Rita came up the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana and caused power to go out here and trees to topple. My poor brother was out cutting trees off the roads. I went to a book store today and bought some new reading material in case the power goes out. The whole right side of my body is beginning to be really sore from my fall, so I won't be doing anything requiring much physicality.


I busted my ass big time! Yes, literally! I was putting a new shower head in my guest bathroom that becomes a hand held shower if needed. I got all finished and stepped off the side of the tub where I had been perched on to a little chair I had there to make an extra step. I missed the damn chair and went sailing across the HARD tile floor. I don't think I have any broken bones, but I am banged up pretty badly. Both elbows are swollen and one is bleeding, but the pain doesn't feel like a broken bone.....although, how would I know? I never had a broken bone! Ouch Some days I am very clutzy!