Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Total Traumatization

No ONE on this Earth is more afraid of snakes than I am, but as I walked out into my garage a little while ago this is what greeted me. Thank goodness the broom was not in its place, but was standing against the wall right there. I managed to get him under the broom head and stand on the broom and jump up and down. That did not faze that sucker. Then I managed to keep him under the broom even though he was crawling up into the broom straw until I could move with him across the garage where a hoe was hanging on the wall. That's when I finally slaughtered him. I haven't done the research to see what kind it is, but I can assure you that is next on my list. My brother spent our childhood and adulthood scaring me with snakes. He just told me recently that he was sort of afraid to do it any more because at my age, I might have a heart attack!! This snake is light gray with dark gray markings on it. It is about 12 inches long, which might just as well be 12 feet to me!! What is the deal with me and all my varmits??? Those frogs are starting to look good to me!! I prefer frogs to snakes! Geez....what a choice! And I am not even near any woods. I have a wide open field behind me, a house on one side, and a cleared site for another house on the other side of me.