Friday, February 08, 2008

Awesome day!

I was down at the homeplace by 10 this morning ready to go to work. Due to some ongoing backaches, I was afraid I would be rather worthless, but I did a lot. All the flower beds are cleaned out, all the dead pot plants gone, all the leaves ground up and the driveway all blown clean.

At 11:45, I was finished and in for the awesome lunch of fresh fried perch, collard greens, hot water cornbread and baked sweet potatoes. I thought I was finished after I got the kitchen cleaned and sent Mom on her way to the beauty shop. Then my brother cranked up his chainsaw and started cutting down dead trees and burning the trash pile. So his wife, my dad and I joined him and went to work in the back yard. We got a lot done. In fact, everything that needed to be done in the yard is done. The weather was perfect for shorts and a sweatshirt for me. Tomorrow I guess I will focus on my own yard. It's time to prune the roses and try to rid them of the black leaf spot. Fire