Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Make it STOP!

I started feeling some pain while sitting at the hairdresser's yesterday, so I took a mirror when I got home to look at the wound that is almost healed. There is yet another damned abscess coming right beside the other one. CRAP! I called home health to come out and take a look. She said yep another is starting. She called my doc, who is closed on Wednesdays. He is calling in more antibiotics and I am to be in his office first thing in the morning. If it needs to be lanced, he will do it before it reaches ER stage like I did last time.
Bird Pooping

My brother has already stepped up to take Dad to his biopsy tomorrow morning.

On a positive note......I was walking around outside a few minutes ago and a stanger stopped her car in the middle of the street and told me how beautiful my flowers are! AWWWW! I needed that! Even though I can't mow the yard or weed eat or anything else, she still thinks it's pretty!