Friday, April 22, 2005

Recent travels

Just two weeks ago I spent an awesome day at Augusta National Golf Club watching the Par 3 tournament at the Master's Golf Tournament, the most prestigious tournament in golf. It was made much better because I was there with my dear friend, Denise, and her husband, Paul. Prior to going to their home on Tuesday before our golf outing on Wednesday, I spent a night at Hilton Head with my friends, Dianne and Jim, who actually live in Utah, but just happened to be in a time share on Hilton Head Island that week. A coincidence? I think not. I do not believe in coincidences. Before going there I spent a day in Savannah just loving every minute of their wonderful Old South hospitality and history. I am a true Confederate! My great-grandfather had his finger shot while carrying the Confederate flag during the Civil War. He got gangrene in the finger and put his hands behind his back and pulled it off. He continued to carry the flag!!

Last image captured before retirement! Posted by Hello

At Louisiana Tech in 1964! Posted by Hello

First ever blog!

April 22, 2005

I have been reading various blogs for awhile now and made the BOLD decision to do my own. Don't know why! My life is busy, but probably boring to most people....especially since I am retired. I am basically doing this for myself just to have a record of how I spend my time each day. Each day is a blessing and I should treat it as such by doing something constructive each day. If I am blogging each day, it will be more of an incentive to do something good each day...either for myself or for someone else.

Terrific Thursday

The day started on the golf course. Golf is absolutely kicking my butt! I thought I would get better after I retired and could play more........SooooooNOT TRUE! I played 9 holes with another beginner, Ardine, and shot a 52. Now that really isn't too bad of a score since my home course is a very hard course. I really felt like playing another 9, but opted out since my partner was quitting. I need to get some score cards turned in so my handicap can be updated. It stayed the same from last year because I spent one whole year without playing one hole of golf. It is a 34.5 U.S.G.A., but a 37 on my home course, Sunset Grove Country Club. See, I told you it was a hard course!!!

After I left the golf course, I decided I should go get a workout in at the Health and Wellness Center. Usually, golf takes enough out of me that a workout is unnecessary, but not this day! I was pumped. I got in a good workout.

After working out, I went to dinner at Guadalajara with my friends, Joy and Tim, after which we went to the local Community Playhouse to see the play, Meshuggah. It is one of the Nunsense series and it was absolutely hilarious. I laughed the whole time. A friend of mine from my teaching days was in the play, and I was fortunate enough that she left me a complementary ticket. Thanks, Michelle. You were awesome as a nun!!! We both know you wouldn't qualify as one in real life!!!!