Monday, June 11, 2007

Back to NORMAL!

And NORMAL for me is working too hard, getting too hot, and generally just used up!! My sister-in-law called me and told me they had picked two rows of corn and left the other two for me. I went and picked the corn, got it all off the cobs and froze it. Some for me and some for Mom. Then I found out that she (Mom) had picked some green beans this morning. She should not be doing that because it is just too hot and she has to bend over and the ground is very uneven. She puts her walker over the row and holds on to it with one hand and picks with the other. There is no bean on Earth worth her doing that, so I went out in the heat of the day to pick beans. Even I didn't get through because of the oppressive heat. I told her I would come back tomorrow and finish picking them, but I bet she will go out and try to pick some more. That's just the way she rolls!!

The topper to all this is that I am sitting here drinking a C2 coke. Yes, my very favorite and it is in a freezer mug and the coke is all frozen like an icee. It is delicious!! I was so happy to learn that they do still make these drinks, but they are not available anywhere near me. I brought a bunch back from the east coast where they are abundant. My day will be complete once I get a nice shower and some corn and tomatoes on my dinner plate. Life is good!