Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Deer in the headlights..

Reindeer While we were out in the subdivisions near my house, we saw nine deer out grazing. It was killing my brother because he sits out in the woods waiting for his deer to come. Here they are just out among the houses. We moved into their territory and they aren't leaving. Why should they? They have it made out around all those beautiful houses. No one can shoot out there.

One more down...

Tonight my dad took all of us out for steaks at a new restaurant. Then we drove around my little town and looked at the Christmas lights. They are so beautiful all over town. Earlier today I met Mom and Dad at Wal-Mart and helped her get her groceries. While we were there, Dad told me they were giving us another significant amount of money after the first of the year. They have already maxed out what they can give us this year without our having to pay taxes on it. They have the mindset that there is nothing they need and there is no reason for their money to sit in a bank and wait for them to die for us to get it. They want to be able to see us enjoy some of the money. If more parents would be that way, then there would be less to have to deal with through the legal system when they are gone. Yeah.....I'm down with that!!!