Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I don't get it! Why does this damn duck do what he is supposed to do in Google Documents, but not in blogger.

This one,too! I really wish I was a GEEK!

Still no power

Edited to add: My brother and sister-in-law came to Minden to the Dairy Queen and brought Mom and Dad with them. Afterwards, they came here to catch up on the news. Bro got a call while he was here that power was back on. Yay!

I offered again to go get my mom and dad and bring them here because it's now 24 hours with no power. They have a generator for the freezers and the fridge, but it's hot inside now. Mom has been sitting out in the carport. I guess stubbornness runs in the family! Who knew!

The worst is over...

and it amounted to NOT MUCH...thank goodness. We have had several inches of rain and some wind. It's still raining, but it is much needed rain and we are grateful. My brother has lost power at both his houses and my parents are without power. I offered to go get them and bring them here with me, but Dad didn't want to leave his couch. It's OK! I'm just going to be lazy since I have a good excuse today...plus the fact that my arm still hurts a lot.