Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I got a note from the hospital where I will have my stress test next week which outlined all the things I can and can not do before the test!! WTF! The last time I had a stress test, they put a few electrodes on me and I got on a treadmill which they constantly manipulated faster and higher. I was on 9 minutes before they got my heartrate up to where they wanted.

This next one is a whole different's a Myoview Treadmill Stress Test. I had to look this one up and it involves an IV, isotopes nuclear stuff, no food or drink since midnight. My appointment is at 11:30 and they said prepare to stay 4 or 5 hours. What! With all that and NO food I might actually have a HEART ATTACK!


Not many people have heard of chinquapins, but my brother and I love them. They are a very small chestnut type nut. They look like an acorn, but grow inside a burr. When that burr opens up, it is east to get the nuts out, but not before then. My brother called today and said the chinquapins were ready and he was going to the trees to mow under them and knock some out on the ground. I ate so many of them that my stomach still doesn't feel good. In the picture, it's the little brown acorn looking nut that falls on the ground. It's a sure sign of fall although the temp doesn't reflect that autumn is here!