Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I got a note from the hospital where I will have my stress test next week which outlined all the things I can and can not do before the test!! WTF! The last time I had a stress test, they put a few electrodes on me and I got on a treadmill which they constantly manipulated faster and higher. I was on 9 minutes before they got my heartrate up to where they wanted.

This next one is a whole different's a Myoview Treadmill Stress Test. I had to look this one up and it involves an IV, isotopes nuclear stuff, no food or drink since midnight. My appointment is at 11:30 and they said prepare to stay 4 or 5 hours. What! With all that and NO food I might actually have a HEART ATTACK!


Anonymous said...

This sounds very much like a stress test I had last is done with medicine which causes stress to the heart. There are several stages involving this test, before & after the medicine. The actual test lasted 5 minutes; you can actually feel yourself getting somewhat short of breath (they told me that if at any time I could not tolerate it they could stop the meds & my breathing would immediately return to normal. I dreaded it beforehand, but since I now know what it is it's not too bad. Maybe this will let you know sort of what to expect!

Sandy said...

Thank you, Paulette. I must admit that I am apprehensive about it. Just a standard stress test is what I was expecting.