Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sloth comes to mind!

What a sloth I have been today! I never opened the garage door and never went outside. The Sunday paper is still in the drive way. No church. No checking on Mom.....just NOTHING! I hate when that happens. One would think that if I was going to be such a loser, I would have at least watched the John Adams series that I bought from Amazon months ago. At least, I might have learned something. ....but NO! Not even that!!!

Mardi Gras

We had our local parade at 5 yesterday where we debuted our float for the season.  The parade lasted only one hour, but it was mighty cold. I was sooooo cold by the time the float parked and I got to my car that I was shaking all over inside and out! Floats pulled up in front of our parked cars to unload and prepare for their trips home, so I had to sit in my car with the heater on for about 45 minutes and I still was not warm. I came home and stood in front of the fire and drank hot chocolate and I was still shaking. It took a full hour for me to warm up after I got off that float. We were supposed to have a bon fire and hamburgers and hot dogs at the den after the parade. Didn't make it there. I just couldn't see getting out and getting cold again for that!!! My next parade is in two weeks. If it is that cold, I will not ride! I am officially an old wuss!