Thursday, July 10, 2008

Damn Bambi!

This picture is from last year. I really suffered planting my caladiums this year because I was sick at the time and could barely move, but somehow I managed over time to get all my caladiums planted across the front of the house like I do every year. They are always just beautiful and blend with the brick on the house. Each year I get random people telling me how beautiful my yard is. Two days ago, I noticed only the stalks remain on one side of the house. Bambi had dessert here! All the ones to the right of the door are GONE! Tonight, the others will probably be gone as well....unless I get up enough energy to make me a spray bottle of hot sauce laden water and go out and spray them!!!! Since these are Louisiana deer, they probably like HOT SAUCE!
Edited to ADD: I fixed a spray bottle of hot sauce and water and sprayed all the remaining ones and I put a radio out there. All I can do is hope. The motion lights only seem to help them see what they are eating!!!

Another round done..

We have finished round 2 of chemo, which took Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and back today for a Neulasta shot. Next week we see the doc again and probably do scans to see if the chemo is doing any good. Dad still hasn't had any real ill effects yet...other than losing some hair. The pain that he has been having in his shoulder is not cancer, but probably his arthritis coming back that, thankfully, has been gone for several years after a series of those high powered shots...whose name escapes me right now. I just know they were very expensive, but when medicare stopped paying for them, Dad stopped taking them and his arthritis didn't come back....well, maybe until now! Just when he doesn't need it!!! It's always something! I think I'll take a nap.