Monday, February 23, 2009

Holy crap!!!

Fun weekend, but I have never been so tired and so cold in my life. We got to the parade line-up area at 9:30 and it promptly started to rain. We managed to commandeer a large pavilion to put our float under and set up our bar-b-que pit. It worked out great. The parade started at 4:30, but we were so far back in the parade that we didn't roll until after 5. The parade lasted 4 freakin' hours. That's a hella lot of beads and dancing. We have our own DJ with a mike on the float and he keeps us dancing. One would think all that dancing would warm me up, but NO, it didn't! By the time I got home at 10:30, my insides were still shaking. Warm bath didn't stop it, so I turned on the fireplace, heating system, bathroom heaters and electric blanket. I guess I finally got warm because I woke up about 3 burning up!!!

Yesterday, our parade rolled at 2 and was more of a neighborhood, family oriented parade. It was more fun because it wasn't too long...just 2 hours! :) I am totally and completely tired!