Thursday, September 17, 2009

One more day!

Every day I dread going to see my dad and every day when I leave, I remember why. I start to cry as soon as I leave because he is just so pitiful. Last night he fell twice trying to go to the bathroom. Both times my mom had to call my brother to come get him up. We decided that tonight he will not take any darvocet. It makes him crazy and not be able to walk. Mom sat in a recliner the rest of the night in Dad's room because she did not want to have to wake my brother up yet again to go get him up. I took him some apple dumplings that I made and he ate one and told me it was good. Nothing is ever good to him anymore. He is wearing my mother out as well. She went to bed at 8 this morning and slept till 11:30. When I got there at 3, she was asleep again. This is killing her. It's killing all of us. I pray every day that God will take him.