Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thank Goodness!!!

The Pentagon finally grew a pair and denied Nancy Pelosi's extravagant request for a huge plane to carry her and her family around. That is a gross misuse of my measly little tax dollars. She knew when she ran for office that travel back and forth between SanFran and D.C. would be necessary. Just because she is now the Speaker, in my opinion, doesn't require a plane with 16 crew members as she was requesting!! PUUUULLLEEEZZE!!!! I DON'T LIKE HER!!!


OK..I'm not going to jail and losing my home. My taxes finally got paid on the correct property parcel. Even though they didn't actually get paid on time in 2006, they did get claimed on my income taxes! While I was dealing with my insurance issues yesterday, I asked to be sure my house insurance had been paid. It I can relax for a while, I hope!!! At least until some other mortal screws up!