Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good day.

Although Mom doesn't seem to be walking any better or even as well as she did a month ago, I have to assume she is making progress. I just can't see it. I didn't think she was having any therapy today, so I went at about 10 this morning to keep her from getting bored. She was in therapy...yay! When she finished I loaded her in my car and took her for a drive. We went to my house so she could see my daffodils in my yard. Then we went to her house so I could check on my tomatoes that I planted yesterday and water them. We even drove down through the pasture to the pond. I then went in her house and got some different clothes for her. I know she is tired of wearing the same old things over and over. Then we went to Sonic for a corn dog which she can eat easily with her left hand. When we got back, she lay down for a rest and I came home for a while. I'll be going back soon to spend the evening with her. As soon as my brother gets back, we have to get a ramp built for her house and get busy trying to get our garden started.