Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good day.

Although Mom doesn't seem to be walking any better or even as well as she did a month ago, I have to assume she is making progress. I just can't see it. I didn't think she was having any therapy today, so I went at about 10 this morning to keep her from getting bored. She was in therapy...yay! When she finished I loaded her in my car and took her for a drive. We went to my house so she could see my daffodils in my yard. Then we went to her house so I could check on my tomatoes that I planted yesterday and water them. We even drove down through the pasture to the pond. I then went in her house and got some different clothes for her. I know she is tired of wearing the same old things over and over. Then we went to Sonic for a corn dog which she can eat easily with her left hand. When we got back, she lay down for a rest and I came home for a while. I'll be going back soon to spend the evening with her. As soon as my brother gets back, we have to get a ramp built for her house and get busy trying to get our garden started.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun for both of you. Nice of you to do those kind of things....I also think it helps her in ways we can't know.
I wondered what you thought about how she was doing as far as progress in walking....with dial-up I can't get those videos to load , so don't get to see how she is doing.
How does SHE think she is doing?
I know with dad some of what was going on was dream-like and not really real for him
...I didn't really know how he thought time was passing....I didn't think about it at the time to ask him.
Some weeks if the therapist was off during the week for something they would come in on the weekend and make up that day with dad. Medicare covers a certain amount of days in a certain period and I think they try to get all of them in that they can.
Have a talk with the therapist to see how they think she is REALLY doing and if you can do something to help. Ask them if she were
their mom what would they be doing to help her get better?
Sometimes they will come to a plateau and stay there for awhile and then make some more progress. What is happening is
the nerve paths that make things work are re-routing through another path to connect so they can do more things....that is why I think repetition is a good thing.
How is the speech therapist doing with her?
I guess the men's church group is really busy . More folks are taking their loved ones home so more ramps are needed. Beth