Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good bye sweet home of mine!

Tonight will be my last night in my home for who knows how long. I guess we will hire some sitters from time to time, but not for a while. Didn't sleep much last night just thinking about not getting to sleep in my home. Instead, I get to go back to my childhood home that was built when I was 4 years old! My brother and I have worked hard to get it prepared for Mom's homecoming tomorrow. I told her we had everything but the brass band. She just laughed. We have the hospital bed  and have moved furniture to make sure the wheelchair will fit everywhere. We have planted flowers and hung the hummingbird feeder. The cabinets and the fridge have been re-stocked and lots of stuff thrown out. I am mentally prepared for the transition, I think. I have my high speed internet and my laptop set up at her house and wifi so that all my iphone apps will work. I know she is ready to go home. I am going to get her soon to take her to church.