Friday, December 29, 2006


Saddam is DEAD!!!! Hell is waiting!!!

Rules for 2007

Hat 1 Update: OK, I did finally go to and these are the same as last year and George Carlin didn't write them. I don't like to pass on false information. Damn!! Foiled again!!!

You have to go here to read George Carlin's Rules for 2007. They are hilarious and very true! I don't know if these are really his. I didn't bother to it because I like it.... no matter who wrote it!!

All Hatches battened down..

The storm that sent President and Mrs. Bush and their pups to an armored vehicle is on its way here. We have been warned for late tonight and tomorrow morning. I don't have an armored vehicle, but I have one with $500 worth of new stuff in it. Any chance that might work as well? I still got no mowing done, but I did get some things done that I have been putting off, one being to open my "monopoly money" savings account. I have always had an account for just my playthings or travel until I moved here. I have a very expensive trip coming up in October, so I decided now is the time to start a new one. My friend's son is getting married at Mount Vernon.....yes, that would be George Washington's actual home on the Potomac in Northern Virginia. I have been to Mount Vernon and it will be the perfect setting for his wedding. Wedding guests will be in a hotel in Olde Towne Alexandria, Virginia. Everything in Olde Towne is very expensive and this won't be any Motel 6. Fortunately, I have a cousin in the area that owns a home in Olde Towne Alexandria. They have been restoring it for several years and it is near completion. I just might be able to con a few nights out of them. They only use it when they go into the city for hockey games or other events.