Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Be Afraid....be very afraid!

LibertyLady Liberty did not mean every freakin' Mexican that wants to cross over the border to come on in. Follow the RULES! Come on. We welcome you, but just do it right. John McCain and I are not on the same page with this issue. I just don't know if I can support him if he does get the nomination. I'm sure he would be better than the alternative, but still....NOT MY CHOICE! In fact, I can't find anyone I can really get behind. We should ALL be very AFRAID! I'm not usually cynical, but I am afraid of Obama. He was raised in a Medrasa. Who's to say he was not a part of the Muslim plan and being groomed to be President of the USA!! The Muslim plan is to take over the world.


I'm Sick Of This I am so freakin' tired of coughing. Sometimes I cough so hard that it makes me throw up! All my cough muscles are so sore now. I have taken both kinds of "way expired" prescription cough meds that I have. Finally, a while ago, I took both at the same time. Still doesn't help! I am no fun to be around.

My cousin and her husband from Virginia came by for lunch. I invited them yesterday because I knew I had some frozen taco soup. We had taco soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, both of which were good...well, at least the soup was. I didn't eat a sandwich, but I know they are good made on the George Foreman Grill. I gave them a Hershey's kiss for dessert. Cooking was just out of the question today, but they have done so much for me. Every time I have been to Virginia, they have treated me like royalty and shown me so many sights that I would have never seen any other way.