Thursday, October 02, 2008


After all the negatives this week aka "gotchas" by Katie Couric, I was afraid. She pulled it out. Biden did a good job as well. Both of them showed decorum and knowledge. Of course, he is more knowledgeable as he should be, but she did a fine job. Crap...I can't find a spellcheck on the new Blogger in Draft!

Slow day

I have seen the writing on the wall and heeded. Today I spent more time going through more junk in the attic that somehow got moved here from Texas. I figure if I didn't know I had it or I haven't used it in the nearly 3 years I have been here, then I don't need it. The local Humane Society is having a garage sale, so I have a bunch of stuff to donate to that. The writing on the wall is telling me that it won't be long before I will be physically restricted to not going up and down that ladder into the attic. It's not a problem now, but I know it will be eventually, so I don't want a lot of junk up there for someone else to have to get out.

After lunch with the ladies today, I went to check on Mom and Dad. On my way there, I stopped at our new ice cream parlour and got Dad a chocolate shake. He drank almost the whole thing. He isn't feeling very well, but he keeps trying to do a few things.