Thursday, August 09, 2007

Holy Crap!

When I walked out through the garage this morning to go get the paper, there was yet another ground rattler snake in my garage. It was smaller than the last one, but it was still a SNAKE! After that happens, I am traumatized for a while. No one is more afraid of snakes than I am. This one was traveling along next to the wall headed straight for the door. Thank goodness he was on that side of the garage where there is not much stuff. If he came in the other side, there would be lots of places to hide. I would just die!!!!

After lunch with the ladies today, I tackled my mother's prescription drug company. Her doc gave her a prescription last Thursday for some pain patches. The damned insurance company says that has to be pre-authorized! Forget that the doctor says she needs it....what does he know! Of course, insurance companies all know more than doctors!! I lost the battle and the pain patches are $200, which Mom will not pay. Those insurance companies really chap my ass!! I'm MAD! My mother should be able to put one of those on her hand that hurts all the time or her foot that hurts all the time. GRRRRR!!!