Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold week!

Where the hell is Al Gore when we need him? I'm guessing he's hiding under his desk in denial. Global warming is such a farce....totally fabricated by some morons who just believe whatever the left tells them. History shows that the Earth's temperature varies naturally. Right now, I'll bet it would be hard to find anyone in the US who isn't experiencing record breaking cold temps right now. Tomorrow, we get ours. I would be happy with some snow, but there is no moisture in the atmosphere. I went to the grocery store for Mom today, so she can just stay inside for the next few days.

Monday, I worked in Mom and Dad's yard all day mulching leaves. It was a beautiful day and down below all those leaves was pretty green grass. It will die now, but it was pretty.

Tonight I am going to help work on making palm trees for our Mardi Gras Ball, which is next Friday. I'm not one of the ones who gets a room at the hotel and drinks all night, but those who do have a great time. I may have a couple of drinks, but not enough for any impairment. Those days are soooooo over!