Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pointless randomness...

The weather gods went all crazy yesterday about the freeze we were going to have last night. It's important here in our little corner of the world because everyone has gardens planted and fresh new flowers planted...including ME! Of course, I moved everything in the garage that I could and covered the rest and......IT DIDN'T EVEN FREEZE!

Yesterday it was cold and very windy which was a clue to me to just keep busy inside. I did all the mundane, but necessary, stuff like washing and cleaning. Today, the weather was just perfect so I negated all the cleaning from yesterday by tracking in grass clippings all over the place today. I just cannot win......but, my yard looks pretty.

Tomorrow, my parents will have been married for 68 years. My mother is a saint. I could not have lived with my dad longer than the 17 years I did live with him!!!! After high school, I went to college and never moved back....not even in the summer!!!

Think about it!

'Nuf said!