Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Finally, I feel rested and I have a day to catch up on stuff that I need to do for me. With the reunion over and my brother taking Dad to chemo today, I am free! Well, sort of. Mom handed me her grocery list as I left there yesterday, but she is gone with Dad today to his chemo......sooooo, that's a job I can put off until the afternoon after I get stuff done at home. Edited to add: Well, it wasn't my day afterall. I went to get Mom's groceries, took them to her and she was at home. She didn't go with Dad and brother to chemo. Brother called while I was there and told me to stay there until they got home. He had a script for me to take to the pharmacy for Dad. Seems Dad has a cold and his port is infected. The chemo nurses called the doc to come downstairs and take a look at him...thus....the new prescription. Needless to say, I didn't accomplish much at my home! Maybe tomorrow.

Last night we started yoga again....this time it's Yoga II. It really does make me feel so good, so why don't I do it every day? I don't know! I am going to try to do better. I even bought a little book of a 15 minute yoga routine to do every morning. I haven't done it YET! Why? Again, I have no clue!