Sunday, June 11, 2006

Texas, Sweet Texas!

Just returned from a long weekend trip to Austin for a wedding reception. I love Austin. It's is such a neat city. The reception was held at Zilker Clubhouse which is up in the hills and looks down on the city and Town Lake. Very cool looking at night, but it was 99 degrees when I arrived there and I had a complete meltdown. NO AIR-CONDITIONER on the property!! It was a very beautiful reception in spite of the heat. The couple got married in Phuket, Thailand in March.

As I am prone to do on these little trips, I got sidetracked in Hillsboro at an outlet mall on my way back home yesterday and ended up spending last night in Dallas and taking a little spin around Grapevine Mills. Now I have to get out and mow the yard so that tomorrow I can go get Mom and Dad's yard mowed! The temp right now is 91 so it won't be nearly as bad as 99 in dress clothes and heels!!!!