Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One year ago today!

One of the blogs that I read went back to see what she had posted one year from today, so I took that idea and curiously checked to see what I was doing one year ago. It must have been a SLOW day here in Louisiana. Hmm

Rant Time!

I'm long overdue for a rant, but the time has come. If you go to a movie...SHUT UP! Kung Fu Panda was a movie I wanted to see since it came out (trust me...it's not that good), so I grabbed my trusty jacket out of the trunk of my car .....because it's always so freakin' cold in the theaters...even though the temp outside is 97 and went to see it. A whole row of Orientals sat behind me and jabbered on and on in their chinky chank language. After a few glares from me....which made NO impression at all, I got up and moved to the other side of the theater. That stuff just pisses me off. On top of that, their damn kids talked all through the movie as well. At least, the kids were talking in English! Usually, I love the animated films like Finding Nemo and Cars, but this one did not meet those standards in my opinion. Six bucks wasted.....at least, I didn't spend any at the concession stand because the line was too long and I was already late for the movie!