Monday, October 02, 2006 work!

You Rock My new doctor's office called Saturday morning and told me my blood work was OK except the cholesterol was slightly elevated (216). It has been within 15 points of that for the last 15 years and the good cholesterol is always fairly high, which should make up for the elevated total cholesterol. They are sending me the bloodwork, so I can look it over. I keep these so I can compare and see where I am having any changes. He recommended a low fat diet (yeah, right!) and Omega 3 fish oil capsules. I already had the capsules, which I have started taking again. Also, I have read many times that garlic capsules also help with cholesterol. I already had those too, so I started taking them again. Maybe they will make up for my not doing a low fat diet!!

Today they called again and have 3 appointments already set up for me starting tomorrow for a mammogram, bone density, and stress test. I am glad they are so thorough and their follow-up is awesome.