Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bad behavior!

Open letter to Wal Mart shoppers:
I am so tired of going to Wal Mart and hearing screaming kids. Why do kids think Wal Mart is just a place to scream constantly? If you are the parent of one of these screaming curtain climbers, please just park the damn buggy and take that child out of the store. You are being very inconsiderate and your child needs discipline. Please, do something!

Hummers everywhere!

Today has been a virtual circus of hummingbirds in my yard. At one time this morning, I counted 8 trying to eat from my feeder. I think there may have actually been ten, but I couldn't count that fast at one time. The only way to know for sure is to count all the ones I can see at one time. I think they must be tanking up for their trip to South America. We have our first little cold front coming tomorrow. I'll refill the feeder tonight and try to keep them here a little longer.

Pummeled again!

Once again my former home town and my current friends are being pummeled yet again! They have not recovered from Rita yet, but they got off their asses and went to work to help themselves....unlike the New Orleans Katrina people, who are still waiting around for a hand out. In a short time, we here in North Louisiana will be getting some residual effects, but we look forward to some rain and will be grateful for it.