Thursday, June 28, 2007

Midnight Musings

Last night was a restless, sleepless night. My back was hurting in the kidney area and I was just sure that my infection was in the kidneys. It was so painful that I was seeing myself having to go to the hospital for IV antibiotics. Then I realized that I have NO hospital appropriate attire. Most times I was in the hospital, it involved surgery and only hospital gowns were needed. I sleep in boxer shorts and oversized t-shirts and I don't believe I own a robe. All this nonsense was running through my mind all night......thank didn't come to pass!

Baby steps....

I am semi back among the living. The doc gave me a shot this morning that should knock out my infection. I feel better already, but I have to take meds for 10 days. Even my neighbor across the street called to see if I was OK. She saw my paper still in my yard today and she saw my brother mow my yard yesterday....that was the kicker! She knows I always mow my own yard!

I finally ate a few bites today of a roll and ham , 3 bites of watermelon and one half a real coke. My blood sugar shot up to 215!!! Infections do a huge number on blood sugars. Hopefully, tomorrow will be much better. I am tired of being sick and feeling crappy.