Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Smooth sailing....

That crazy bluebird is making me crazy. He still will not stay off my windows and my patio door. I'm told he sees his reflection and is very territorial. All he does is make a mess. This is MY territory. Today I covered the panes on the patio door with with that kitchen wrap stuff that sticks to itself. I hope to retrain the stupid bird because I can't see out with that stuff on the door. He needs to go somewhere else!

So far, things are going smoothly at Mom's. Her regular day caregiver has to be out tomorrow for a doctor appointment, but she called the weekend person to come in for her. We didn't have to do anything. She is even giving her instructions about taking Mom to the hairdresser. We were very lucky to get the people we hired to take care of her. Every one is good and dependable. Mom is happy and that is all that matters. And.....we finally got an inch and a half of rain. It's not much, but it sure helped! My city has placed water restrictions effective immediately.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are going smoothly on the mom front.

We have a cardinal doing the same has finely slacked off some but has been doing it for months.
I would see if I couldn't find the nest and get rid of the nest so they have to build somewhere else hopefully further away from the window. Beth

Linda said...

Happy that you Mom is doing so good!