Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's only getting worse?

I tried to give the prez the benefit of my significant doubt. I wanted to be wrong about the man, but every day I find out that I was not wrong. He is just very scary!


GUYK said...

Some of us tried to warn the public about this two bit Chicago hustler but a majority of people deiced they wanted the free bread and circuses. Some of my used to be friends allowed that I should support him for no other reason than he is after all the president and as such deserves support.

I contend that logic is the same as helping the executioner put the rope around my neck because after all...he is the executioner.

We have to stop this mad man before the country is too far gone to ever recover...if that is nw already the case. Keep blogging and keep his screw ups in front of the public. I just can't believe that a majority of the people want this country to turn into another third world socialist crap pot

Hammer said...

I screamed from the rooftops about this demented moron for 2 years. They said I was crazy and a conspiracy nut.

I take no pleasure in being right.