Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank God!

Doctor could find no problems with my brother's liver or gall bladder. Doc suggested he see a cardiologist, but he probably won't since it has only been a few months since he had a stress test. I tried to find someone to fill in for me on Sunday at Mom's so I could go to a cook out, but I struck out on that. We only have one person who has done that shift since one of our caregivers had to move to Texas. She is one of the CNA's that took care of Mom in rehab and she works the evening shift there. She is working on Sunday, so she can't work. We need someone else who could fill in. I hate to be limited to only her days off to get a break for myself. Oh, well....I'll deal with it. No big deal!


Anonymous said...

Try asking the rehab facility or at least put the word out at the rehab place htat you could use someone.
I have seen ads in our paper for folks that will do that. Check there and craigslist. The nursing school, if you have one locally. Good luck finding someone....you really need someone else you can call anyway....just in case someone that usually does it gets sick or something. Beth

Linda said...

Great news about your brother, sure hope you can find someone to fill in for you. You really need your time to yourself!