Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blowing off steam!

I just composed a letter to the President and CEO of Borghese, Inc. complaining about the lack of customer service. It reminded me of a quote I read somewhere, "It's a shame stupidity isn't painful." I never got any of my calls returned or an email answered and that really made me angry. Even though I finally found out that the correct makeup was inside the box that was labeled incorrectly, I am still angry that a company this size has NO customer service even though they give a number on the website for customer service. Maybe I can go on and get this nonsense out of my mind now! I'm sure I won't hear from the CEO either. In fact, I doubt she will ever see it. The CEO is Georgette Mosbacher and I have seen her several times on TV. She is a big Republican and in NYC, that's significant!

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