Monday, August 16, 2010

Well...OK then!

My doctor's office called today to tell me my blood results from Friday. Turns out I have a vitamin D and B12 deficiency. I had to go in for a B12 shot and got a prescription for vitamin D....50,000 strength which is only taken once in a while. All other things looked good:

  • cholesterol -152 ( of course, that is with meds)
  • A1C - 6.2, which is an average of blood sugars at 131...not bad for a diabetic 8 years into the disease ( Also with meds....5 pills a day, but no insulin, yet)
  • Triglycerides down from 312 to 211...still a little high, but Krill oil apparently works at lowering that number

They are supposed to set up an appointment for me with a dermatologist, but appar
ently they haven't done that yet. My rash is much better since I have been slathering it with triamcinolone cream.....AND we got some rain last night...not enough, but who's counting?  Ok....7/10ths!

And how did I ever live without an Iphone!!!!! It is AMAZING!


Linda said...

Hope that the B-12 shot and the Vit. D gets you fixed up. What is Krill Oil? I have just been put on a cholesterol pill.

So, I take it you like your I-phone! LOL

Sandy said...

Krill is a tiny crustacean rich in Omega 3 fish oils except it is supposed to be richer than most fish oils. Google might be something you would want to add. My doc told me to double up on the omega 3 and when I researched it, it sounded like krill oil was better!

Linda said...

Thanks so much, I will do that.

Charlene said...

You must not like the sun like me. I've been taking a Vit. D for a year once a week. Works great and no sun spots or burn!

Sandy said...

Charlene, I thought it was a strange occurrence because I am in the sun quite a bit. I even have a redneck sock line and shorts line plus I drink milk. I'm not in it when it is a 100 degrees, which is has been a lot this summer! I just went and looked at your blog. Now I'm hungry!