Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do the right thing!

Someone told me about a business that recently opened here in town that is in an old unused building. A young  man wanted to attend Glenbrook High School here in Minden, a private school. The tuition is not cheap, so his dad opened a car wash in the old building for his sons to wash cars and earn money to go this school. They washed my friend's SUV this morning for $15 and she threw in another $5 because they did an excellent job. I went to pick her up and left my car. He washed it for $10 and I threw in some extra because I like to support people who want to do for themselves!! He will wax it for $20, so next time I will let him do that.....and to top it all's raining!  We need it badly and I knew it would rain if I got my car washed! BRING IT. I have a garage!!!!

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