Friday, November 30, 2007


Just when I thought I was about through with this hand drama, my doctor's office called and said the pathology was a cancer, but not a kind that would spread to other organs. BUT>>> he wanted to go back in there after it heals better and cut around the edges! OUCH! OKAY....I'm all over getting everything out of there and I guess he is just making sure to remove the whole area, but if it won't spread...WHY? I'm confused!


Gina said...

Hi, Ms. B! I just clicked on here today and I find THIS?! I had to go back and read a lot of the previous entries to find out what was going on! Please keep me posted. I don't like the "C" word, even if the doctor is saying it's not one that spreads. WTH??!!

Love you,


Sandy said...

Thanks, Gina. It's not something I am really worried about. Not yet, at least!