Saturday, March 17, 2012

He's BACK!

My Bro is back and it makes me very happy. Well, he always brings me orange creams from the candy store!, I don't have to rush and get things done at my house so I can head to Mom's to be there by the time the caregiver leaves at 3. Except the one day when that mean old lady kidnapped my mother, Mom did OK. She missed my brother like crazy. I asked her when I got there if she talked to Stewart yesterday morning. She started on and on about something which I could not understand and then just busted out crying! Oh, my! What have I started was all I could think about. Turns out she just missed him!

My brother is insisting that I take a little R & R as well. It's different when I do it because we have to hire someone to come in to help because he cannot take her to the bathroom. She only has to go one time while I am there, but someone has to be there to take her and I hate to have to pay a caregiver $10 and hour because I am gone. We are blowing through her money like crazy. I am thinking I may check in a couple of days at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas....just outside Dallas. Never been there, but I hear wonderful things and all I want to do is rest in luxury! Judging from the cost of the rooms, they damn sure better be luxurious!


Anonymous said...

Get a cheaper hotel and use the money for the caregiver. Surely that is what her money is take care of is her money after all. Sorry, that may be a little too blunt.
If you don't take time for yourself you are going to burn out and quickly. It would probably do her some good to miss you as well. :)

I would go DO something that way you will have your mind on something else besides luxuriating.
Browse some used bookstores, museums, art galleries....something you like to do and don't have time right now....make yourself so tired you just fall into bed at night and sleep soundly.
Too much free time to think ...if you just luxuriate. :)
Or a spa where they keep you busy...nothing strenuous, just mind occupying.
I know you know what I mean.
Hugs and have fun whatever you do.

Linda said...

I say go for the luxury you need, Sandy! Your father and mother would want you too. As for the money you will spend while you are gone will be coming out of your pocket. Spending the 10.00 per hour for the caregiver will be so worth it. You must do this for yourself, also we are not talking about thousands for a few days to revive yourself. You know that I completely understand from my experience how fast the money goes, BUT YOU MUST DO THIS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Linda is right.
I read about the hotel after I commented and it looks like a little city all unto itself with entertainment and a golf course close to it.
The rooms really didn't seem too bad. I figured they might even be more after I read all the things that are right there and that you get to use.
It is your money that you are using in the long run. It all works out in the end.
I also think your mom would think it would be fine for you to take care of yourself ...for taking care of her. :) You and your brother are great people for how you are taking care of her.
I bet she is proud of you both.
Also in taking care of you , you are taking better care of her.