Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another outing!

Yesterday I took Mom out again to the catfish place. My brother met us there with her wheelchair from home. She enjoyed getting out and we were happy to do it for her and us!

Today when I got back after her nap, she was dozing in the chair. She kept on doing this, so I asked the nurse what her blood sugar was at 4:00. It was 112. They should have given her a snack right then, but they didn't. I took fresh strawberries to her, but they don't raise blood sugar. I had them check it again and it was 77...that's why she couldn't stay awake. They plied her with orange juice and she got ok.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how fast the orange juice works? You can also add extra sugar to it , I have seen that done more than once.
Glad you caught that...way to go.
For some reason I thought 112 was a good blood sugar....but maybe not for her.
I do know 77 is low,though. Beth

Linda said...

Is that one of those strength bracelets on her arm, if so do you think it helps?

Sandy said...

Yes, it is! My sister-in-law bought it in Branson last week...and NO I don't think it helps...SNAKE OIL!