Thursday, July 29, 2010

I failed!

My tech guru came over today to see if he could retrieve 2 databases that I lost when I got my new computer. They were in an obscure program that I bought because it is much easier to use than Excel or Access! He could not get them back, so I thought I would go ahead and use Excel since I did take a short course in it last year. I already had started typing the database in it, but I remembered why I stopped. Printing the address labels from the database is a royal pain in the ass and I CANNOT do it. I gave up! Now I am back to my old program, but we have it set to be a part of my online backup now. Apparently, it wasn't before!!! One of the databases I lost was all the people in my high school reunion list. The other one was my Christmas card list. I didn't send Christmas cards last year because I just couldn't get into it after losing my dad so recently. Now I have to re-enter both those databases! I don't like doing that kind of stuff!!!!!!!BOOO!

While I had my guru here, he gave me a lesson in using MY fax portion of my printer. My broker in Texas had to overnight FedEx me some papers and I had to FedEx them back after I signed them because I am an official
umbass! I NEVER have an occasion to fax anything, so I didn't know how to use it! I do now, but I probably won't remember when I do need it again!

On a brighter note, I have pretty much convinced myself to get an iphone!!!

Why would my dumbass need an iphone? I have no idea!!

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