Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On to Plan B!

I headed to Mom's at 8:30 this morning to mow before it got too hot. She needed the okra picked, so I did that first, but it started raining before I finished. Usually the rains, if we get any at all, don't come until the atmosphere heats up in the afternoon. I was very grateful for the rain. Since I couldn't do my outside favorite kind of work, I got busy in the kitchen. I had brought a pork loin and some sausage with green peppers in it, so I started cooking. We had scalloped new potatoes and onions, fried okra, fresh peas, cornbread and tomatoes...all from our garden except the tomatoes. We had  to count on others' generosity for those. Mom made some fried peach tarts for dessert. I must say we were eating well today....heck, we eat well every day!


Moobear said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Now that is my kind of eating. It sounded delicious. Hope you and family are doing well. Have a great day my blogging friend!

Linda said...

We have been eating alot of vegetables too.