Friday, July 30, 2010

WTH is this?

Well, it's an acupuncture mat! You never heard of this? Me either, but I bought one. Got it today, so I am not singing its praises yet...maybe never, but we'll see. Here's what it is supposed to do:

It is highly effective for:
- Pain relief on waist, back, neck, shoulder,hip;
- Promote blood circultation;
                                    - Increase Immunity power;
                                    - Body relaxation;
                                    - Decrease Muscle Tension;
                                    - Increase hormone secretion;
                                    - Increase Uptake of Oxygen;
                                    - Improve better sleep;
                                    - Promote Digestion;

Actually, I did lie  on it for a few minutes today after a shower and those little flowers kind of HURT! I will reserve my opinion until I see if any of these things actually happen!!!!


Dianne Branch said...

find yourself a good chiropractor. I swear by them now. Never been to one til a couple of years ago. What a difference!!

Sandy said...

I'm thinking that's not in my budget!!