Friday, May 07, 2010

Yet another awesome day!

Since I do have a home of my own which I take a great deal of pride in, I spent the morning planting 75 caladium bulbs before I went to Mom's to work in the garden. Brother and I were both there again today. I plowed the sunflowers with a push turning plow. It just throws the dirt up around the base of the plants to cover the grass and weeds growing around them. So right now they look really clean. I planted a row of okra seeds plus 6 okra plants to get a little head start on a few.

We still had enough okra seeds that were already soaked and starting to sprout, so my brother made another row in the upper garden and planted them. I also planted  4 little watermelon plants and got all the sprinklers going on both gardens.
Same garden ....
Upper garden where we have potatoes, sweet corn, bush beans, beets, sugar cane, pinto beans, peas, watermelons and more okra. We lied when we said we would not plant as big a garden as Daddy always did! Guess we will be feeding the masses. Our tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, bell peppers and egg plants are in a different place. We also have a little radish patch and we are eating radishes every day.


Pat Austin said...
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Pat Austin said...

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Sandy said... deleted both posts of yours, Pat. Didn't do that on purpose....Thanks for the "kick ass garden" comment!