Thursday, May 06, 2010


Communication misfire! I went to the National Day of Prayer service at my church at noon and after that to lunch with my buds. I had to hurry and eat and scram because I had to go pick up Mom to bring her to her doctor appointment. When I was on the way to get her, I thought I met my brother and her in Mom's car. Holy Smokes! Why didn't they tell me he was bringing her? Turns out, it was,indeed, them. Mom told him I was going to plant okra while he took her to the doctor. That is not at all what I told her. I told her that if he was going to take her to her appointment, then I would go work in the garden and plant the okra. It would be presumptuous of me the think he didn't have any plans and could take Mom. I would never do that. Anyway, she misunderstood that I was coming to get her, so he took her. Since I wasn't dressed for working in the garden, I turned around and met them at the doc's office. Surgery on her toe will be next Friday.

Almost lost a tomato plant from lack of water, but I have the drip set up over my tomatoes now, so I hope it comes back to life! I have a soaker hose weaving through the fence by the tomatoes, so it is dripping down over my tomato row!

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