Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Even back when I was a kid, twice a year there was an event called, "Graveyard working". Back in the day, it did require work. Everyone would bring their rakes and hoes and clean the graveyard. This was before there was grass there. Now it is just mowed. Everyone brings food and there is dinner on the grounds in a little pavilion built especially for that. Today was one of the two times a year. We had not been in one year because the last one was in October and Daddy was sick, so we didn't go. Today he was already there....well, he is in heaven, but his remains were there. Even my brother came today and he almost never gets to come. We decided to move ahead and get the black tombstone that will cover all five of us. There is only one black one out there and it just stands out. We all like it. Black is more expensive, but isn't that always how it works out?

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