Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sticker shock!

I need to get motivated to start a walking program, so today I went to Sports Spectrum to buy shoes. Rumor had it that they had a machine and a shoe guru there to decide which shoe would be best for my foot. I stepped on the machine, which told me I had a high arch and the weight is mostly on my heels. A short stroll for the guru told me that I had zero pronation, which was a surprise to me. He brought about 6 pairs of shoes for me to try and it turned out that the Asics were most comfortable to me. I have bought that brand several times before, so I didn't ask the price. I never bought any that were more than $50 or $60, but when I checked out, the bill was $150. That did include one pair of Thorlo socks with extra padding on the ball and heel. I failed to look at the sticker on them either. Turns out the socks were nearly $14. WTH! I've never had shoes or socks that expensive! Looks like I may have postponed purchasing my new Iphone for a while longer!


Pat Austin said...

They're awfully pretty, though! Don't wear 'em to work in the garden! :)

Sandy said...

They will not see the garden until they are worn out!

Anonymous said...

We want grandma beatty to have an iphone and ipad!!!!

Love U,