Friday, March 19, 2010

Difficult day!

I spent 3 hours in Mom's carport cleaning out cabinets and doing more cloroxing. It was like going back in time because nearly everything in the cabinets was Dad's stuff.....shotgun shells, fishing gear, tools, paint, etc...all the "daddy stuff"! It is just the beginning. Mom is going through stuff in the house. We still have 3 shops and a barn on the property to go through. Mom told me yesterday that she wished daddy could see how white I got the outside chairs. I told her even if he were here, he couldn't see well enough to know they were clean. Maybe he can see now! Tonight we went to HIS restaurant to eat catfish! I know it will get easier, but all these things were hard today!


Anonymous said...
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Linda said...

So glad you were able to have a few days of vacation. Now comes the busy time of the year with your gardening.
I know you are so missing your Dad, I sure miss mine.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Linda. Yes, we miss our dads at gardening time especially!